Bernard Bolzano Zotero group 

At this address you find the Bernard Bolzano group on Zotero. Zotero is a free, open-source reference management software. Read here what you can do with it.

By joining the Bernard Bolzano group you can add (the metadata of) your publications about Bolzano and share it with the world.

Only members of the group can add publications, and membership is on invitation only. If haven’t received an invitation yet, you can request membership after registering for an account with Zotero: after registration and having logged in into your account, you will see a Join Group red button on the group’s page.

We recommend you download Zotero standalone so that you can view and explore the publications added to the group locally on your computer, and not only online.

Especially for publications that are difficult to find for other Bolzano scholars, it is a good idea to list them here and add a link to the full-text of your publication. Please make sure to link an open access version of your paper.

If you want to know about open access, read this. If you are unsure about how to make your publication open access, contact the open access person from your university or look up the contact person for your university’s repository.  If you are unsure as to what form of open access your publisher officially allows, check it here.

Google’s N-Gram Viewer

You can search millions of books relevant to Bolzano’s writings by using Google’s N-Gram Viewer, a neat tool for exploring millions of digitised books. See for instance this post on Adhärenz.

Papers presented to the Bolzano in Prague 2014

Participants of Bolzano in Prague 2014 have received a link to access material related to the talks presented at the conference. In some cases we have received full papers.

We are preparing a page with links to the full papers that will be eventually published which are based on the talks presented at the conference. Please keep us informed of any published version of your talk that might come into existence!



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