Maps and Directions

Of course, you will find many useful sites and maps on the web, we have specially compiled some groups of maps and images (below) which we hope will be helpful.

A general guide to travel and tickets in Prague is worth reading first.

On emerging from Arrivals at the airport , opposite and somewhat to the right, there is an Information Kiosk where you can buy local travel tickets. There are similar kiosks at the Rail and Bus stations. Then for each of the main relevant journeys a group of pages of maps and directions has been prepared as follows.

Airport to Dejvicka and Villa Lanna

Airport to Orchid

Bus station to Villa Lanna

Bus station to Dejvicka

Bus station to Orchid

Rail station to Villa Lanna

Rail station to Dejvicka

Rail station to Orchid

Orchid to Villa Lanna

For Villa Schwaiger first follow the above links to Villa Lanna. Facing Villa Lanna take the road V Sedech going downhill on the right. Follow the road round with a bend to the left and after the first building on your right you see a flight of steps. Down the steps and left at the bottom brings you to Villa Schwaiger, on your left.  It’s about 5 minutes from Villa Lanna. If we have not covered your requirements here and you would like further specific guidance please send request to who will either answer or pass on to our local directions expert Magdalena Hykšová (to whom many thanks for compiling the above guides).

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