Call for Papers

Bolzano in Prague 2014 (Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Republic, July 16 (afternoon) – 19 (morning), 2014) is a research meeting inspired by openness and inclusiveness. We  aim at maximizing exchange in an informal setting to the benefit of the community of scholars interested in the work of Bernard Bolzano. Important goals of the conference are taking forward the current state of affairs of Bolzano studies, assessing their future, and the extent and the composition of the community of researchers engaged in work relevant to all aspects of Bolzano’s heritage. During the conference special attention will be paid to the coaching of young scholars and early-career researchers, who are particularly encouraged to join the conference.

Special Guest:

Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam UvA-ILLC/Stanford University)

Forms of participation and submission requirements

The community of scholars interested in the thought of Bolzano is linguistically varied and many valuable contributions exist in languages other than English. There are however reasons to think that the benefit of the whole in whatever part will be increased by having participants of Bolzano 2014 publicly interact in English. The language of the conference is English, and Bolzano 2014 will only accepts submissions and talks in English.

Proposals for talks on any aspect of Bolzano’s thought, including topics in ethics, politics, aesthetics and theology as well as mathematics, logic, methodology and philosophy of science are welcome.

Your talk might be in any of the following formats:

  • Long talks (45′): special sessions with two commentators of max 10′ each and ample discussion time
  • Medium-long talks (20′)
  • Short talks (10′)
  • Lightning talks (3′): early-career sessions with one senior commentator for each session.

Full papers should be submitted as proposals for long talks. Although submission of papers prepared especially for the occasion are welcome, particularly suitable submissions for long talks are papers that have been recently published, and are therefore already available to the community.

Abstracts of max 500 words should be submitted as proposals for medium-long and short talks.

Abstracts of max 100 words should be submitted for lightning talks. Lightning talks are especially suitable for MA students, Post-master students and PhD students that only recently have begun research on Bolzano and want to participate in the conference by presenting their project and receive feedback by senior scholars.

Duration and allocation of time slots will be decided by the Programme Committee, and will depend among other things on the number, the quality and the type of proposals received.

We are researching the possibility for speakers of short and lightning talks to have a poster.

All submissions should be anonymous and mailed in pdf format to

News & projects slots
Presentations for news & projects slots (no anonymity required!) can be proposed up to the very last minute, but please contact us at as soon as possible so that we can allocate enough time for these slots.

Important dates

Abstract & Full Papers submissions: April 21, 2014
Acceptance and Time Slot Allocation notice:  June 1, 2014

Registration & Other Practicalities


For the country of affiliation purchasing power index, see this list

Country of Affiliation Purchasing Power Index Career stage Category Fee
>75 Senior (from postdoc included and up) F 2000 CZK or 75 EUR
>75 Junior (up to postdoc excluded) E 1000 CZK or 40 EUR
<75 >40 Senior (from postdoc included and up) D 750 CZK or 27 EUR
<75 >40 Junior (up to postdoc excluded) C 500 CZK or 18 EUR
<40 Senior (from postdoc included and up) B 400 CZK or 15 EUR
<40 Junior (up to postdoc excluded) A 300 CZK or 10 EUR

Example: senior scholar from The Netherlands or US pays 2000 CZK or equivalent in euros (junior scholar 1000 CZK), from Czech Republic and Poland 750 CZK (senior) or 500 CZK (junior) from Macedonia and Russia 400 CZK (senior) or 300 CZK (junior). [edited 7 May 2014 – this example contained a mistake]

What the fee includes

Most meals: dinner at Villa Lanna on the Wednesday night and a banquet there on the Friday night,  lunches on ThursdayFriday and Saturday and coffee/tea every day.

The fee is also covering the cost of administrative support, a conference pack for each participant, and the room and equipment hire. The fee does not include dinner on the Thursday (we shall go to a local restaurant) or accommodation. Details of accommodation available will be  soon posted here.

Bursaries (deadline: April 21st, 2104)

Three bursaries covering accommodation costs for three nights in a pension/hostel are available for junior participants (career stage up to postdoc excluded). You should apply for a bursary by April 21st, 2014 April 30th, 2014 when submitting your talk proposal.

NB: If your paper is accepted but you are in fact prevented to come for financial reasons, please contact us at with the details of the situation, and we will do our best to help. Keep however in mind that any support will be limited and decided case by case jointly with the Programme Committee. It is in any case mandatory to have investigated other sources first.


Organising committee


Arianna Betti* (Amsterdam UvA): General Programme Setup, Resources, Committees
Steve Russ* (Warwick): Prague Organisation


Pam Rossel (Amsterdam UvA)

Local organising committee

Magdalena Hykšová*
Petra Ivaničová*
Ladislav Kvasz*
Steve Russ*
Alena Šolcova*
Kateřina Triflajová*

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is representative of the composition of the research community of Bolzano scholars. For Bolzano 2014 it is composed of the following researchers:

Paola Cantù (Aix-en-Provence)
Anita Konzelmann-Ziv (Geneva)*
Antje Rumberg (Utrecht)*
Paul Rusnock (Ottawa)*
Mark Siebel (Oldenburg) (Chair)
Marta Vlasáková (Prague)

Wise Persons Committee

Wolfgang Künne (Hamburg)*
Edgar Morscher (Salzburg)
Kevin Mulligan (Geneva)*
Jan Sebestik (Paris)*
Peter Simons (Dublin)*

*confirmed conference participant

Follow @bbpnews on Twitter for updates!


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